This Journal was created for Warriors who love to learn and sharpen one another, but also (like me) have a hard time recalling all the great information.

Maybe you're like me, I love to learn from others, but whenever I am listening to a podcast, watching a webinar, or attending a conference I am:

-Trying to find scratch paper to write on

-Searching a junk drawer for a notepad

-Racking my brain to remember a product, website or person mentioned

-Feeling frustrated I can't remember the idea I had

-Looking through 5 different notebooks trying to find where I jotted down a note

and so much more 🙁

This is why it was put on my heart to create the Warrior Wisdom Journal. A note taking journal for conferences, webinars, workshops, podcasts & more. Keep what you learn all in one journal for easy reference and application.

Proverbs 18:15 (ESV)

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge,

and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

I know this will be a blessing in your life - a one stop place for all of YOUR Warrior Wisdom! Thank you for supporting this great ministry.

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Have you ever lost a training certificate? Have you trusted your company or organization to hold your training certificate and they lost it? Do you want an easy reference and reminder of training you’ve attended?

Then this log is for YOU!

There are many reasons to keep a training log. Proof of training beyond a certificate or whatever your reason, maintaining a training log is part of being a professional. More practically, however, the act of writing something down on paper is an act of organization, making your training log the organic memory of your training. Regardless of the reason for your training, having thorough, updated, easily accessible training records could save you, your business, company, or organization from being found liable for deliberate indifference.

If you’re looking for a good training log that lets you record when the training occurred, what material the course covered, who taught the course, and contact information for instructors and companies – this is the log for you!e...

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