Church Protector Grant Program


 All Churches looking to build, develop and lead their Safety Team Ministry 


Host a training with Protector's Toolkit at your church for your team and surrounding churches. Opportunity to earn a $500 grant for your safety and security ministry:

  • If you have 25-34 paid attendees we provide your ministry a $150 check
  • If you have 35-44 paid attendees we provide your ministry a $300 check
  • If you have 45-55 paid attendees we provide your ministry a $500 check


  1. Provide training facilities and equipment, coordinate logistics regarding the facility
  2. Maintain communication with PT regarding additional marketing needs, and any changes regarding the training


  1. Lists the training session on the PT Web site
  2. Collects payment directly from participants via an event link
  3. Provides a list of  registrants to the host prior to the session
  4. Promotes the training session through targeted e-mail marketing campaigns and social media
  5. Provides and ships all course materials to the location designated by the host (If required)
  6. Provides exceptional instructional staff
  7. Provides "best practice" guidelines for your training, a hosting checklist, and other materials to help hosts organize their event
  8. Provides Free & Discounted Training to the host venue's staff, volunteers, employees (when minimum class size is met)