Useful tools and additional member resources

Going Beyond In-Person Training | Interview with Jimmy Meeks

The Importance of Background Checks | Interview with Richard Whitehead

Fitness For The Church Protector | Interview with Katy and Mike Howard

Sexual Abuse In The Church | Interview with Sandy Kirkham

The Worst Advice Ever!

Quarterbacking for the Church Protector

De-escalation for the Church Protector

Tuesday Tips with That Peer Support Couple & Guy Beveridge of Protector's Toolkit

The Importance of Insurance For Church Protectors

Developing an Outreach Ministry For First Responders

Proper Response & Removal of Disorderly Individuals

Safer Fall and Winter Events

Identifying Your Church Protector Team

The Warrior's Mindset (Interview with Mike Gillette )

Behavior Analysis For the Church Protector (Interview with Bobby Brasher)

Church Protector Plans for Training

The Importance of Time & Distance

 Church Security Blueprint (PDF)