Virtual Risk Assessments

The solution for churches on a budget

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re always on the lookout to spot hazards in your church, both God made and man-made? 
  • You think about the potential harm unmitigated risks can cause?
  • Your team works to quickly identify people and things that may cause crisis? 
  • You train properly to protect the flock and people at risk?
  • You routinely review existing control measures?
  • You and your team work diligently to make improvement?

But, you’re still using hope as a strategy – you HOPE it’s all correct and you HOPE no one gets hurt?

Then a virtual risk assessment from Protector’s Toolkit is just what you need!

Did you know that most legal cases for a risk assessment require that you have a suitable and sufficient risk assessment in place? Unfortunately, we see so many churches conduct their own risk assessment based on any old free risk assessment that can found on the internet. These risk assessments when done by someone that is not insured to do them and done with a form that is not specific to the event and location will be worth what you paid for them in court – nothing. 

What happens if you don't carry out a risk assessment?

So, if you’ve never considered a risk assessment you may be thinking” we’re a small church or that’s just not something we need. Or, why is a risk assessment important? I’ll just be candid with you - no business (a church is a business) can survive that harms its employees, guests or visitors. Doing nothing and causing harm is the same thing as deliberately causing harm.

Any gaps in your risk assessment process are going to leave a portion of your activities open to risks. These risks can harm people, and also the business.

Here are some of the consequences of not having a risk assessment:

  • Compensation. Where there's blame, there's a claim – yes even in a church.
  • Increased insurance costs. Businesses regularly paying out fines or having claims against them will see insurance costs rise.
  • Low attendance. If guests, visitors and staff are put at risk, continually see injuries at church, feel unprotected or perceive a lack of care in the environment, you can bet attendance numbers will dwindle.
  • High team turnover. You might lose safety and security team members as they start to feel that there are too many safety opportunities to overcome or they become uninterested in being part of a reactionary only type of team. 

If you’re still not sure a Virtual Risk Assessment from Protector’s toolkit is for you – consider this from Luke 4:24:

 "Truly I tell you," he continued, "no prophet is accepted in his hometown.

How many times have you tried to get something done in your safety and security ministry only to be told no, or turned away because the leadership doesn’t have the same vision as you? How many times have you tried to share your tactical vision for the ministry only to have no one be able to share that same vision with you?

That’s probably the single greatest advantage of a risk assessment from Protector’s Toolkit! We already have your vision, we’re an unconnected 3rd party that takes an objective look at your church and measures it against universal norms for safety and security prevention and planning, then gives you a written report to your leadership to support what you have been saying and doing all along. We also give you a roadmap to promote mitigation measures that are actionable by you and the church – measures you have probably been preaching to the church like cameras, radios and training! 

Your job is already hard enough and at times probably seems overwhelming. Trying to run a safety and security ministry with little to no resources is difficult at best. Let a virtual risk assessment help you get the resources you need and show you how to triage your time money and energy to mitigate the majority of risk based on priority to get the best return on investment. 

While a virtual risk assessment is not as in depth as an in-person risk assessment, it does offer an affordable starting point for many churches. Without the travel fees, hotel fees, and other expenses an in person risk assessment requires ($2500-$4000), a virtual risk assessment can get your church started towards a more formalized protector team.

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