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One of our Core Values is Kingdom Collaboration, and at Protector's Toolkit we beleive in living our values.  We put aside selfish ambition and independence, knowing that anything is possible when people within the Body of Christ come together with a like mind and heart. (Ephesians 4)

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What is a Roundtable & Why should you participate?

A round table is when you get a group of people together to share their ideas and experiences about a given topic. Round Tables bring together the experts in the field to share their experience and ideas.  The more contributors we have, the more ideas we can generate and share – and by doing so we can all be serve our ministry better.

How does it work?

Easy.  We send out a call for submissions (be sure you have added yourself to our newsletter so you don’t miss it) and all you need to do is respond with your submission before the cut off date.. We will then compile all the ideas and send them out to everyone who participated — and voila! Now you have a resource full of great ideas!

What you get?

Once all the submissions are in, we will compile a document and send it out to all participants within 14 days. This is a collaboration, meaning only those who participate will receive the compilation. No exceptions. Luke 6:38 Give and you shall receive :) ---- 100% free.... give a little and get A LOT!!

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Sharing is Caring

Share this with other safety & security members, professionals and experts so we can get ideas from various perspectives.