On-Site Training 

Essentials of Safety & Security For Houses of Worship

Are you creating a protector team from scratch? 

Do you already have a team for your house of worship but want to take it to the next level?

Are you wanting a professional safety and security ministry that is biblically based and insurable?

Then this course is for you!

This workshop provides Pastors, church staff, facility managers, Sunday school ministry staff, security team members, leaders and volunteers the knowledge they need to build, develop, lead, or improve their safety and security ministry.

This course is NOT another “death by PowerPoint” course! We use a blended learning style of learning to provide you with real ideas/scenarios as well as practical guidelines to implement at your church. The Essentials of Safety & Security for Houses of Worship training will equip you to create a personalized safety and security plan that puts service and heart first and a warrior mindset second.

We believe that when your safety and security team is built, developed, and led correctly, your house of worship will be a welcoming one. And a welcoming house of worship is a growing house of worship! Some of the topics that are covered in this course:

·       Recognize the need for preparing in advance

·       Exposing objections to church safety & security

·       History & demographics of church shootings

·       Psychology & Physiology of Crisis Response

·       Importance of risk assessments in planning

·       Starting or restarting your safety & security plan

·       Personnel selection

·       Challenges in Pastoral Protection

·       Training Auxiliary Personnel

·       Decrease liability exposure & manage existing risks

·       Recognizing Unconscious Bias

·       And more! 

1-Day Pre-attack Indicators and De-escalation for Church Warriors

Pre-attack Indicators and De-escalation for Church Warriors is a course designed for early detection of suspicious, possibly criminally motivated behavior prior to an attack and using the tools necessary to diffuse or mitigate the situation.

It is designed as a preventive practice, using unique behavior features of people involved in unlawful or abnormal activity, then deciding and applying the right level of force to prevent the attack.

This course is not limited to mere detection, it provides a full investigative process to follow the detection up to the point of sufficient actionable information.

This information is loosely based on the Behavior Pattern Recognition course developed by NASS for use in American airports shortly after 9/11, and incorporates many lessons learned from various terrorist attacks around the world.

Students will better understand:

·       The importance of the human factor of church safety and security and how it supplements the technology systems.

·       Detection and identification of pre-attack indicators.

·       How building a holistic model of safety and security maximizes safety and security at the church.

·       How unconscious bias is sometimes inherent to safety and security and how to overcome it.

·      Why becoming a leader before a crisis is critical to leadership in a crisis.

·       Early detection of persons of interest and participate in scenarios which work towards successful resolutions and outcomes in various forms of crisis.

1-Day Tactics & Scenarios (non shooting)

2-Day Essentials Class +  Tactics & Scenarios (non shooting)

This is a combination of the Essentials of Safety & Security class and the Tactics class. Get double the training in one weekend for a discounted price.

2-Day Functional Pistol for Warriors

This is NOT a Basic Pistol Class or Handgun 101. Students must be able to show an understanding of the basic skills of safe gun handling, function checks, magazine changes and safe manipulation through malfunctions.

This is a skill-building course that transitions a basic shooter/ CHL holder through being a range target shooter to the beginnings of being a “gun fighter”.

Novice or beginner shooters should not feel discouraged or that “this class isn’t for me”. This is NOT a “competition shooting” course, nor is it a course filled with machoism, testosterone, and overstated bravado.

This course is built by qualified, quality prior military and law enforcement, quiet professionals that teach through humility to build capability in every shooter. The course is taught in a blended learning style with minor classroom/ lecture and maximum range time. Students will be taught in a relaxed, welcoming environment without judgement and ridicule. Students will never be asked to operate outside their personal physical limitations and modifications for shooting positions will be taught/ allowed whenever necessary. 

I entered the course with years of experience with firearms, but no formal training, especially with a pistol. This course provides the participant with multiple real life scenarios, such as safely carrying a loaded firearm in a crowd, accessing your firearm from a seated position, shooting one-handed with both your dominant and nondominant hand, and safely locating an assailant and firing from behind cover, to mention a few.

During the course, the instructors critique your form/style and provide suggestions/techniques to improve safety and accuracy, without intimidation. I am certainly looking forward to Guy's next course.  This course was great!!

Nick Holdeman / 

Firearms Attendee

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