Protecting The Church Against Theft, Arson, and Vandalism

It is not wrong to protect the church’s property and to take steps to prevent theft. Taking a few simple steps can discourage theft, arson and vandalism. Do not allow criminals to think your church is an easy target.

EXPENSIVE ITEMS: Small expensive items, such as radios, laptops, etc… should be stored in locked rooms or cabinets. Take inventory of the Church’s high dollar items/equipment using a checklist (inside the PT membership).

VEHICLES: If possible, park buses and vans inside a garage. Otherwise, park vehicles inside a gate or under bright lights.

LIGHTING: Invest in outdoor lighting for your church. In the parking lot, around doors, motion sensor, and inside timer lights.

KEYS: Keep track of church keys via a signed checkout system. The keys to the building, as well as the keys to locked rooms and cabinets, should only be given to necessary staff.

OUT OF SITE: Close the blinds. Some thieves get the idea to steal only when they see something valuable.Keeping your windows shut and valuables out of sight can help discourage theft.

LANDSCAPING: To eliminate potential hiding places, keep shrubs and trees trimmed around windows and doors. Pick up trash and other combustible materials from church property, as well as tools like ladders, shovels, etc… that can be used as a weapon or to break inside.

ALARM: Invest in an alarm system, security alarm systems substantially reduce the likelihood of being burglarized.

WATCHMAN PROGRAM: Create a watchman program for your church

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Create positive relationships with local police and invite them to patrol the church during odd hours. Familiarize police with church service times, as well as, other church events so that they can be vigilant to unexpected visitors during non-business hours.


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