Did you know not everyone in the surrounding area was pleased with Nehemiah building the walls?

Although it wasn’t labeled as risk management that is exactly the strategy Nehemiah used.

He identified the potential risk (threats against his people)and then mitigated that risk (assigned guards and armed the workers).

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the risk management process.

Do we need a policy for this?

Where do we place our volunteers?

Do we use armed or unarmed guards? Or both?

Where do we even start?

While none of us can prevent every bad scenario from happening, we can take every step to prepare our congregation from unnecessary risk exposure.

Below is a list of 10 risks every team should consider

1. Unclear policies or no policies at all

2. Unscreened volunteers

3. Inadequate medical procedures and equipment

4. No safety plan

5. Unsafe grounds causing slips, trips and falls (parking lot to pulpit)

6. Outdated security cameras/systems

7. No documentation system

8. No safety ministry team

9. Open campus

10. Lack of training for personnel

If you want to move from an informal to formal church safety & security team, the first step is to have a qualified auditor come to your church and conduct a risk assessment.  

Does Your Church

Need A Risk Assessment? 

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