De-escalation Strategies for Sunday School

De-escalation Strategies for Sunday School


This course is designed as an introductory course for the church protector and the Sunday school teachers and volunteers. This course will cover the escalation cycle, and offer techniques and strategies for de-escalation. While this course specifically addresses the Sunday School age children, these techniques and strategies also translate to adult interactions.



The unfortunate reality is that the number of children who are classified under the umbrella term ‘social, emotional and mental health’ (SEMH) needs in mainstream schools has increased considerably in recent years. These children find school difficult, do not achieve and present with challenging behavior. If this is occurring in schools there is a high likelihood that some of these same children will be in your Sunday school ministries. As a church protector¬†it is important that you and your team prepare in advance to mitigate and prevent the risks that you can.



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